Have a rocking time!
Just chill out!
Have a ball!
When u wish someone on a b'day, at the end of it u can use this:
Hey Tom, have a blast on ur birthday! ROCK ON!
by M Inc. July 30, 2006
the very definition of lazy fucktard. Basically likes to ride penis all day and pretend to be married.
Dude that guy is a total rockon. He doesn't do a goddam thing all day except attempt to make fun of people on the internet.
by rockonJP January 18, 2012
to go mad and (mosh) and a frase said like 'safe' that (townies) say.
emma=ok see ya luby!
luby=see ya tomoz and rock on!!!
by me rule!!! January 14, 2005
1.Most commonly used at concerts by teenagers who think they are hardcore.

2.Can used when something good happens or when in agreement with somemone.

3.Can also be used sarcastically when someone is pissing you off or yelling at you (best used with the hand motion and a serious face.) This usually implies that you dont give a damn about them or what they are saying.
1."Oh My God! New Found Glory is sooo hard core!"
::band whining::
"I know! ROCK ON(with hand motion in the air, and maybe some jumping up and down)!"

2."dude that guy gave me a 50 dollar tip by accident"
"yeaaa! rock on!"

3."GOD! i hate you! Your such a dumb bitch!"
"ohhh? ROCK ON!"
by Marlee November 06, 2004
An overused symbol that basically denotes something is cool. Some show it by doing the hand motion: a pinky and pointer finger straight out, and the other three fingers held down.
Some freak: I found $5 on the street the other day.
Another freak: Really? Rock on! *stupid hand motion*
by Vicious Riot June 21, 2003
something that used to show enthusiasn but now is used by old preachers trying to be, "In"
Mardi Gras? Rock on!!
by ike November 15, 2003
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