1.When this life makes you mad enough to kill
2.when you want something bad enough to steal
3.When you feel you have had it up to here
Cause you mad enough to scream but you sad enough to tear
listen to rockbottom, by eminem..it explains in depth rockbottom
by ile173!73 April 27, 2008
A signature wrestling move done by The Rock where he lifts his opponent's left arm over The Rock's right shoulder and wraps his right hand the opponent's chest. The Rock then commences to lift the opponent and slam the opponent's back onto the floor. This move is also called a "power slam".
The Rock rockbottomed Stone Cold three times to win Wrestlemania 21.
to hit rock bottom is to ingest an excessive amount of meth until you reach your weakest possible state at the end.

this incorporates physical, social amd cognitive weaknesses at once which is a horrible equation
"woah... john looks like shit, is acting like a monster, does not make any sense and is basically a waste of space"

"duh he has reached rock bottom"
by caris b December 04, 2006
1. To gaze into the abyss with your beer goggles on.

2. To surrender all your common sense, money, and bodily functions to alcohol, usually on a work/week night.

3. A nickname for a "go hard or go home" friend who totally kicks ass to drink with.
1. Bob, "Hey! Are you OK? Can you hear me? Joe? I think he's hit rockbottom."

2. Barbie lay on the floor in the kitchen in a heap of her own puke with one of her shoes on and her purse contents strewn all over the floor. She had hit rockbottom. It was a Tuesday.

3. Bob, "I feel like going out tonight but nobody else wants to go!"
Tom, "Did you call rockbottom? You know that she's always up for a night of drinking! And she'll even go to the stripper's with you!"
by RockBottom May 05, 2006
When the penis hits the end of the vagina.
Man I hit Stacys rockbottom last night.
by frid kid November 03, 2006
What seems to be the lowest point possible, but probably isn't.
After the latest adventure by the Bush and company, Joe's opinion of the United States government hit rock bottom and commenced vigorous drilling.
by Fearman August 06, 2007
The End of the vagaina
Damn man, my dick was so big I hit rock bototm
by AC September 24, 2003

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