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The government can always blame domestic problems on Rock and Roll! It's the HOTTEST new scapegoat!

Before Rock and Roll, the government used to blame domestic problems on the Jews, but now they blame Rock and Roll! :D
Mom 1: Someone got shot? Oh that cursed Rock and Roll!!!


Mom 3: No, sweetie. Mommy needs to save her throat. She's working tonight.
by Vitamins & STDs December 04, 2009
15 12
Another coinage from Vietnam to denote full automatic fire (usually of the AR-15/M-16. The early M-16/AR-15's did not have burst triggers - hence the whole magazine of 20-30 rounds could be run off fast). Hardly ever were two weapons fired in cadence so a long rrrriiiipppp of automatic fire followed by others had a surreal sound like bars from rock and roll songs.
Infantry conversation after a firefight: Hear that? Did you hear that?? I swear to Christ with us cappin` charlie and charlie cappin' us I fuckin' swear to God I heard someone playin' "Louie Louie" in there. Also to describe the state of mind and fighting mode intended by the grunts: "Fuck that 'pick `yer shot shit...I'm goin' in on rock and roll...gonna pray and spray the motherfuckers"
by pikkil47 November 18, 2009
9 8
When you climb to the top of a very high cliff and you start rocking that giant boulder back and forth till eventually it begins to roll down the hill gaining momentum and crushing everything in its path until it gets all the way down to the bottom and crashes through the back wall of the local disco, wiping out most of the dance floor and taking out the DJ who was spinning, ‘I’m Your Boogie Man’ by KC and the Sunshine Band.
by The Rolling Rock July 21, 2013
0 1
Urban slang for illicit sex in an automobile (Alledgedly coined by a New York DJ in the 50's)
"Here's some great 'jive' for you'll to rock and roll to"
"If this cars arockin' don't you come aknockin'"
by Frank Trebor October 06, 2005
56 63
Skateboarding trick where you do a rock to fakie, then do a 180 pivot in either direction off, and you come back in the stance you came into the trick on.
Rock and rolls are harder then rock to fakies.
by Ricky Benda May 23, 2005
4 26
Having no job, claiming off the state. On the doll.
"I hear Dave's back living off the ol' Rock and Roll.
by Mud. November 21, 2007
9 44