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Love so strong that it goes beyond, beyond loving someone. The only people who can truly understand this definition are Rob and Rachael Carey.
1. Dude, do you know Rob and Rachael Carey? They definitely robrachael each other.

2. I can't believe you just told your girlfriend that you love her. Compared to the robrachael that Rob and Rachael Carey have for each other, normal love sounds like an insult!
by Rachael Carey March 09, 2009
When not used by Rob or Rachael, it means definition two. Otherwise, refer to one.
1. Did you see hardass Rob and tight tits Rachael Carey? Wow their douche smiles are so perfect, they sure robrachael each other!
2. Did you see those damned unethical sinners A & W creating paradoxes? Their abhorrent existences are disgusting portrayals of robrachael gone wrong...
by R & C May 05, 2009
A word defining a relationship between two beings that fit perfectly together, due to the abhorrent and apparent disgustingness of both related parties.
See that slug mating with that ball of snot? That's a real robrachael, right there.
by A & W May 02, 2009

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