A man who is very strong and emotionless, or at least not showing emotion at the time. Robots usually seem to appear violent, even while not doing anything. Although listed as an insult, it is also a compliment. This is usually used by punk/rock people.
Holy shit, that guy's a fuckin robot!
by steve April 02, 2004
A mindless tool of the corporate machine that quantifies human emotion with variables.
When Jonathan the robot was verbally berated by his mother, his face shed but 1.7 tears.
by Wang Hang Lo June 16, 2003
Badass Machines with Human-like qualities and/or abilities.
"So I checked out the Scryer's place, they're pretty cool. There's a sweet elevator, giant robot guards.... come on robots. Frickin Blood Elfs."
by JP ONRY December 01, 2007
Something used to make life easier,but in most movies pictured as a bane of humanity.Word of czech orgin invented by czech novelist Karel Capek for mechanical workers.
The movie "Robots" is full of them.
by 9Rifleman December 08, 2007
Metallic Automata tasked with the job of enforcement, sent by our future Microsoft overlords.
John booted up an old Mac to store the Rebellion's secret plans. Minutes later, an army of Microsoft Robots was at the door.
by ZeroSkulleton September 06, 2009
A person who has the ability to do anything and everything without a problem. This person does not show any emotion when he/she is congradulated for doing everything perfectly, because he/she has become desensitized to the praise.
Student 1: Wow, that girl Ellen was able to get straight A+'s all year, while taking AP classes, doing 150+ hours of community service, playing fockey, being in every single school committee, being on the debate and math team, and finding the cures for cancer, AIDS, and obesity!
Student 2: Wow, she must be a robot. I do not have enough energy or determination to do even half of those things, never mind all of them, all at once!
by Not a Robot December 13, 2008
A super cool dance move.
When you lag you look like you are doing the robot! IT ROX!
by Tony November 20, 2003

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