a person on dxm, aka robitussin, delsym, or pure dxm.
"I feel like being a robot tonight, let's go to woodmans and clear them out." "Theres no robots in the medication isles."
by mQc March 05, 2006
1. a machine that feels nothing.

2. a machine that gets bled on

3. a machine that gets pee'd on.

4. miles
i am miles, i am a robot, please pee on me.
by xwmgsdbzwx April 29, 2008
"Doing the robot" - A term for a successful person.

Comes from England's soccer player Peter Crouch who famously performed the 80's dance move 'the robot' after scoring goals for the England team in 2006.
"Last year he was nothing - this year he's doing the robot" Ian Wright, BBC, 2006
by Scott Hatton June 30, 2006
Acronym for ripe oversized big ole titties
That girl at the Halloween party had some ROBOTS. I'd like to give her a Mr. PIBB.
by lazy bitch November 29, 2007
Anything that is not Sarah or Frank.
"Dude, they are so robot."

"Why you robotin' on me like that, yo?"
by Unicorn February 07, 2005
What Anthony is afraid of.
"I am scared of robots!"-Anthony
by Mary January 28, 2005

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