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3 definitions by davidsakh

Commit Suicide, often through song and/or dance
The misses is gonna 'ave your head, Horace, ya may as well Shout with Elmo and make it quick.

by davidsakh February 04, 2008
42 3
A killtrocity is *6* consecutive kills in Halo 2 within 4 seconds.
1: "I got a fucking killtrocity! Holy fucking shit!"

2: "So what, I got a killimanjaro once."

by davidsakh March 03, 2007
47 9
our future masters
Bart Simpson: Nice costume, man.

Alan Wrench (robot): It's not a costume; they found me in a meteor!

Bart Simpson: AAAGH!
by davidsakh October 29, 2008
10 5