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Howard Stern's radio sidekick. Laughs a lot. Does the news at the end of every broadcast.

Full name:
Robin Ophelia Quivers
Robin's personality meshes well with Stern's, thus balancing the show perfectly.
by JB January 19, 2004
A founding member and Newswoman of The Howard Stern Show, Quivers is often recognized as the force that keeps the show from completely derailing.
While being the target of the more feeble-minded members of the audience, Quivers provides a unique perspective to the male-dominated topics and guests of the show. She has become a more open and valuable part of the on-air team since the departures of Jackie Martling and Stuttering John. She is currently developing a Povich-esque talk show with Sony Entertainment.
Not applicable.
A proper name.
by Mister Skin July 26, 2005
Technical term for Radio Hole. Very rarely does a radio hole offer anything of substance. Their job is to make silly comments like "oh boys, let's not go there" or "I don't think we should be talking about that".

Before, radio hosts used to brag and brag and brag about how great they are, and the radio hole used to just agree.
Nowadays, the radio hole's job is to give praise and build ego support to bad radio hosts.
"Hoo hoo Robin, I'm the greatest radio dj ever", said howie stern.
"Yes you are", said robin.

"Nobody likes me anymore, robin. I'm not good anymore", said howie.
"Oh howard, everyone likes you", said robin quivers.

TRUTH: and I quote...
"I've been producing sub-standard radio for the past 10 years" said howard stern on his own radio show.

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