A glass of Robinson's fruit juice, however can acceptably refer to any deeply refreshing drink consisting of fruit juice from concentrate and water. Easy, quick to make, and always good, often great. Should a perfect robby be created (through perfect robby to water ratio) it is often an euphoric experience. This euphoria is triggered by thirst being quenched in totality with a harmonious balance of taste, sweetness and consistency. This euphoria is sometimes expressed semi-verbally as a positive sigh - "ahh."
Dude ive got such bad dry mouth... i have a glass of robby! ...ahhhh!
by Robert 'Robby' Robinson June 25, 2010
money, Benjamins, bling bling
"I like the guys with the robbies"

All of the hott girls like the guys with the robbies.
by J November 23, 2003
cheats on his girlfriends, you dont wanna date him
Did you hear, that girl had a robby and he left her for a skank
by nanners54321 January 06, 2012
A very, very homosexual mexican male.
There is a huge robby that lives on drayton street.
by sam grosse February 28, 2008
He comes from an indian tribe by the name of NAKATUKU. They love to hunt for "tatonka".
Robby is the greatest !
by ashkalaja December 24, 2007
Asshole who thrives on making me jealous because he can't be with me thus making me very sad. he succeeds on making me jealous. Asshole...other wise the sexyest dude alive ^^
"Hey you see that chick over there?" "yeah why?" "Mammas working it." *Looks at him with disgust* "You're such a Robby"
by Envi5994 March 11, 2009

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