Any person, male or female that is characterized by the traits of being a dirty.
1) flicking pennies at people
2) eating hogies at lunch every day
3) attaching their keys to belt loop as to make a noise while they walk
4) making loud noises in hallways
5) often congest hallways
6) names usually and in obby or obbie
7) hang out in groups with other robbies
8) piss in your gym locker
9) usually steal things
10) shoots tops off of water bottles at lunch
"hey robbie how was the hoagie"

"i dont know how im going to get to class with all those damn robbies in the hallway"
by ajsbnfurbewou November 28, 2008
The sexiness of the world

The Robby usually comes equipped with a big penis. o a penis so so big

A god among all men

He is most noticeably on the cover of teens magazine, and porn hub
The Robby usually lures its prey into a dark cave typically (old people) and hides behind a rock, when the old person usually wonders forward he jumps out from behind the rock and yells shmeggle and jumps on the old person ripping of their ear with his teeth and running away with the old persons ear in his mouth
OMG i just went on a date with batman i mean Robby

old person-Hey sunny were did you go?
Robby-Shmeggle !! pounce (rips off ear and leaves)
old person- !%@#&$^%#@&$*#$($(& shit
by Captin Fordo July 28, 2013
Aka a pickachu
Wow, look at robby. He makes my heart shock like a pickachu.
by Pikapika69875 May 14, 2011
The act of getting multiple erections and having them last for extendable amounts of time.
I had the biggest robby in box office today at work!
by Jeffrey Young October 30, 2007
A guy who is, in a short explanation, funny in numerous ways. Very sarcastic and caring but not many girls seem him as anything more the a substitute for a gay friend.
See him! I feel sorry for that Robby
by thatonekid112233 April 05, 2011
a perverted black man who carrys condoms in his pockets wishing to get layed
hey buddy stop acting like such a robby
what im not being a robby im just joking
nah man your a robby!
by Robbyhater October 27, 2007
A person with a big fucken head
Oh my god look at that guy with that robby.
by AlAALALA May 05, 2011

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