A small, shitty town of pussies in central New Jersey that nobody has heard of, nor cares about. It has a grand total of one elementary school, one middle school, and one high school. The high school has a grand total of 800 kids that can never mind their own business and crave drama to fuel their lives. They do nothing but complain about how "shitty" their lives are, while in reality they haven't had to face the real world yet and have nothing to complain about. People make empty threats and use facebook to bully others and harass them because they're too pussy to do it in person and have to hide behind a screen to make them feel comfortable with themselves. The most fun you can have in this town is going to the Hamilton Marketplace or Marrazzos, but even then its not fun and you have to go out of town to do fun things. There's no good parties thrown, you could probably have more fun at church than at a Robbinsville party.A typical girl from Robbinsville is one with a spray tan, fake nails, hair extensions. Half the girls think they're badass and mix themselves with Hamiltrash, and half of them are goody goody that have never taken a sip of alcohol in their lives. People are nice to your face but then when they're with their friends they treat you like shit, and everybody thinks that they're all that. Welcome to Robbinsville.
oh, she's probably from Robbinsville.
by The_Coolest_Person_Ever April 29, 2011
Top Definition
a very small town in new jersey that no one has ever heard of. There's no minority and there is uber amounts of farm land. The kids that live there have no idea what the outside world is like.
person A: i live in robbinsville.
person B: where the fuck is that?
person A: east bumblefuck
by J.F.D.S July 06, 2006
A place in NJ that nobody has heard of. Black people act white and white people act black, the sports suck, no one has fun, your a badass if you ding song ditch someone and a super bad-ass if you have a sip of alcohol. You'd think it wouldn't be like this considering its so close to Trenton.
Robbinsville is dumb
by THeeee October 17, 2013
Hell. You can get suspended by calling someone stupid OUTSIDE of school. In fact i could probably get suspended for this. The place is so unknown the geese here are probably more famous and there 2 x as many geese as there are humans. The fights are more like kidding around bu very exaggerated. People call people from Hamilton Hamiltrash but I think "Villagers" should be known as "Robbinshit". And thats all i have to say about that
Robbinsville is very dumb.
by I_don't_know_who_i_am..... March 19, 2014
A town located in Mercer County, NJ that is the home of LeBron James and where your mom kills badgers.
Q: Where did mom go to hide the animal she killed
A: Oh, she went to Robbinsville.
by RVILLEJOKER June 08, 2016
The most inbred area of planet earth next to Nantahala, NC. Cousins, brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers are all fair game if you live in this town or attend the School designated for the residents of this area.
1:"Man, we have to play Robbinsville today."
2:"That sucks bad."
1:"They are all fugly as hell."
2:"No shit."
by The Old Man April 28, 2005
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