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(v.) 1.{literal} ~(ing) is the act of throwing a sandwich, commonly a roast beef sandwich (in a plastic sandwich bag) at an unsuspecting passer-by. 2.{general} to be ~ is to be unsuspectingly attacked, defeated, or rendered into a humiliating situation.
Dude.. did you hear? Will Roast Beefed this random choir dude in the hall.

Shoaib: Aww no that was my last life...

Parsons: {playing Killer Bunnies} AHHHH I just got Roast Beefed!
by Ap Physics May 07, 2006
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something one can say if one has just handed someone's ass to them, or otherwise crushed, destroyed, or owned in a humiliating way, such as in a video game.
Dude I just roastbeefed that guy!

You just got roastbeefed
by Jeordie October 29, 2006
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In softball, when the runner on third is trucking her way towards the catcher and the catcher thinks she is out... but the runner completely levels her. Like a shit brick house.
by redheadedwildchild March 29, 2015
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