Otherwise known as roanoke country club. Education not necessary, just pastel polos, boat shoes, seersucker shorts, and your trust fund. Welcome to preppy paradise-an oasis of well-to-do uppermiddle/upper class students in bright Lilly dresses and popped J.Crew polo collars.
The most important part of being a student at Roanoke College is choosing which polo and pair of chinos goes best together.
by Laugh.Cry.Juicy. July 20, 2009
Roanoke College is a private school located in Salem, Va. Roanoke is home to beautiful men and women. About 80% of students that go to Roanoke come from boarding schools or private schools. Roanoke provides a very well respected and prestigious education to those who attend. Although it may be costly, a degree from roanoke helps you make a lot of money. Roanoke is a beautiful school that is also very big on greek life. Most of the students that attend are involved in a sorority/fraternity. There is always something to do on campus and the rich kids know how to party hard. Roanoke is a great private schools in the country along with Washington & Lee, Elon, Wake Forest, and Hollins.
Roanoke graduate: I graduated from Roanoke College

Employer: you're hired!
by collegeviewer March 22, 2011
Roanoke College is a small liberal arts school in southwest Virginia. It is amazing school if you are seeking new opportunities and to grow. Roanoke College classes are challenging but interesting, and their is always help if you need it. Life outside of class is always eventful and never boring.
Salem VA, classic, Roanoke College
by sunbabe540 April 23, 2010
Roanoke College is a place for messed up rich white kids who like to drink and sport the popped collars of all colors, and not as the admissions office would say a diverse campus.
Roanoke College Underground fraterntities hold parties that consist of trashing chartered fraternity parties, and alumni weekend brochure does not mention anything about the Multi-cultural events on campus anywhere on it despite a promise made by the people in charge to include minority activity.
by Skylander79 May 23, 2006

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