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aka roanoke country club. no prior education necessary, just pearls and loafers.
pastel polos make for a year round easter celebration at roanoke college
by carolinachick January 18, 2005
A college that allows for a complete showcase of the latest Ralph Lauren styles. One need not to have brains, just money. The only thing Urban about Roanoke College is the Multi-Cultural table.
When at Roanoke College the hardest decision I make is, shall I wear the pink polo shirt or the periwinkle one?
At least I know either way my collar will be standing high with pride.
by bustamove April 06, 2005
Pretty girls, parties and cute boys.
Roanoke is filled with some of the most beautiful girls in the country, amazing parties and adorable guys.
by Noke Gal October 22, 2004
roanoke college is a social, not academic, conglomerate of good looking drunk people in pastels and pearls. the typical, good looking roanoke college student possesses a casual arrogance which is eclipsed only by the size of their disposable income.
"welcome to roanoke college, your application shows little intelligence but your Lilly dress is quite becoming. here is your solo cup and your diploma! congrats on that MRS. degree, are you going to the polo match?"
by prettyboyo4 June 19, 2006
basically a college that consists of some of the most vapid and fatuous minds in the country.

the men's soccer team are a bunch of grimy players who love to take advantage of women. and the women's soccer team are easy, no-self respect containing, sluts.
"i go to roanoke college, therefore i do not know what the words vapid and fatuous even mean."

"i play on roanoke college's soccer team. if you sleep with me, and i'll leave you with an STD."
by fableva May 07, 2010
Roanoke College (Referred to as NOKE by students) is a BEAUTIFUL school located in Salem, Va. Roanoke is home to beautiful girls and hot guys. The parties are amazing and the academics are great too. You need to have a lot of money to go here. Ralph Lauren, Lilly pulitzer, and Vineyard vines are a must on campus. Greek life is big on campus. Going to school at Roanoke is like living at a country club. The food is amazing and there is always something to do. Students party 7 days a week. Roanoke is the place to be...If you have the money and good looks
Roanoke collegeGuy- Theres a huge party tonight
Roanoke college Girl- There are huge parties every night
by GoNoke February 28, 2011
Otherwise known as roanoke country club. Education not necessary, just pastel polos, boat shoes, seersucker shorts, and your trust fund. Welcome to preppy paradise-an oasis of well-to-do uppermiddle/upper class students in bright Lilly dresses and popped J.Crew polo collars.
The most important part of being a student at Roanoke College is choosing which polo and pair of chinos goes best together.
by Laugh.Cry.Juicy. July 20, 2009
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