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rolling my eyes
i am totally rme right now
by Anonymous April 15, 2003
Acronym for "rolling my eyes" while chatting, or when commenting on a wall or updating a status on an online social network.

Perfect way to imply sarcasm.

Can be interpreted as showing the moods of annoyance, condescendance, exasperation, anger, or sarcasm.

Even while at work, while maintaining professionalism, one can discreetly mutter RME to colleagues to convey one's genuine response to someone else's ridiculous-ness.
This mandatory computer class would be shorter if people would stop asking questions! rme

rme, I was told to loose the 'tude or I would be in danger of getting shaken-baby-syndrome.
by Joules Rules October 17, 2009
abbreviation for "rolling my eyes" mentioned by fishface
D: when are you cooking me a curry?
by afishface July 26, 2011
"Rolling my eyes." Text or message this whenever one of your friends says something that makes you want to roll your eyes.
Full of shit guy: (texted) "Hey today I did a triple backflip and nailed it!"
Skeptical friend: (texted) "RME. Your full of it!"
by juqqle March 15, 2012
RME is an acronym for the term Rolling My Eyes.
Some people have been known to Laugh Out Loud (lol) and Shake My Head (smh) at posts, but Rolling My Eyes (rme) is another form of expression people have when reading certain posts and should be used as such.
by apache15 September 08, 2011
Rolling my eye's, or Roll my eye's
person A: dude, it'll be great no one will even know it was us
person B: ugh, RME, it's the most ridiculous idea I've ever heard
(ment to be used texting or durring online chat)
by Forca August 20, 2009
rolling my eyes
It's like saying smh, but when someone says something just ridiculously stupid you can be like rme.
by spiceflower August 11, 2013