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In "open" variations of poker such as Hold 'Em or Stud, to have one's strong hand beaten by an opponent whose stronger hand is only completed with the last face-up card, called "the river" or "Fifth Street;" or, to beat an opponent's strong hand with the last face-up card.
I had a runner runner straight flush draw against The Kid's full house but I rivered him. Sometimes you do the wrong thing for the right reason.
by The Man May 10, 2004
The loss of a winning poker hand on the very last card dealt; it is frequently followed by shock, tears, and a severe need to blow things/people up. (Halo, anyone?)
3:36pm All in preflop...equal hands...I hit a better hand on flop and turn and get rivered by my arch nemesis. Anybody with the name of Sandy that you happen to know, go ahead and punch him/her in the face for me. thx...
by n00b August 08, 2004
- A condition induced by the consumption of too much marijuana.

- When you reach the point where you can't smoke anymore marijuana.

syn. fucked up
August smoked so much marijuana he got rivered.
by pduds May 08, 2008