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Feminine emphatic of ridiculous, i.e. riDICKulous>riCOCKulous, thus riSNATCHulous.
Joanie had plans to plant eggplant in October. I told her, "That's risnatchulous!"
by Hippie Communards December 08, 2007
Synonymous with ridiculous or ricockulous, but used to ensure there is a word to correspond with female genitalia as well. Also used to imply that the object(s) being modified by the adjective are bitches.
You: Yeah, I mean, everyone under age 30 now is paying into Social Security and we'll never get a penny of it back. We're mortgaging our futures to finance the past.

Me: I know dude, fucking RISNATCHULOUS!
by Brand0n_o July 20, 2009
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