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Make sure you have the salt, tequila and lime. Then cut yourself, pour the salt in the fresh wound, slam the tequila shot, and chase it by squeezing the lime juice into the open wound.
Yeah, so me and Jaime here are gonna do some emo tequila shots then head on down to the Dashboard Confessional show.
by Brand0n_o September 07, 2008
Synonymous with ridiculous or ricockulous, but used to ensure there is a word to correspond with female genitalia as well. Also used to imply that the object(s) being modified by the adjective are bitches.
You: Yeah, I mean, everyone under age 30 now is paying into Social Security and we'll never get a penny of it back. We're mortgaging our futures to finance the past.

Me: I know dude, fucking RISNATCHULOUS!
by Brand0n_o July 20, 2009

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