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Rir is short for "roten i röven" (swedish) translated into "the root in the ass". Rir referes to deep analsex and are a internet term.
Yes i would totaly Rir her.
by karl svante October 18, 2006
RIR: Ryan Is Retarded/Regional Internet Registry
What is the meaning of the acronym RIR?

Ryan Is Retarded
by Soyokaze October 24, 2008
RIR is an acronym for a "romantic interest relationship".
We spent the day at Trillium Lake and enjoyed some good RIR time.
by jnaylor22 October 27, 2014
Acronym: representing Rest In Retirement. Used to signify to "death" of a professional athlete's career. Comes from RIP, signaling the end of someone's life. RIR is the signaling of a pro's athletic life.
Jordan is retiring for the final time. RIR.
by Aaron Sanders October 28, 2006

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