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When a guy has unbelievable itchy nuts,scrotum,balls,testicles etc. you get it. This term is used when hanging out with friends and you cant resist the urge to itch your sack. The term was created by my great friend Jake while he was drunk and he said "man my sack is so itchy, it could be in riply's believe it or not"
guy1: "man I've got mad riply's"
guy2: "what?"
guy1: *itches nuts and slaps guy 2 in the face* "riply's you fool, unbelievable itchy sack."
by XxXaPoLlOXxX April 02, 2006

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An adjective for something cool.
"Man, those new shoes are so riply."
"That was a riply concert."
by piraticalbard October 09, 2006