the pull string attached to a tampon
Dude, I can see that chicks rip cord!
by Lucky XIII August 31, 2005
Top Definition
A length of string tied in a close series of knots that is inserted up a male rectum and slowly withdrawn during the height of sexual climax, stimulating the prostate and enhancing the sexual pleasure.
"I was just about to blow my bolt when she pulled my ripcord and sent me to nirvana."
by Chiendog March 02, 2005
The sexual act of having anal beads inserted into your anus by your partner and then at the peak of a sexual climax your partner yells out "rip cord" and yanks the anal beads out as hard and quick as they can.
While I was banging my girlfriend the other night I used a set of anal beads on her. Right before she came I yelled out "RIP CORD" and yanked the beads out of her ass.
by ClassyLee June 24, 2011
a form of chugging beer. To execute you use a old fashioned can/ bottle opener to poke a triangular shaped hole on the side of a beer can near the bottom. Hold the hole to your mouth and then pop open the top of the can. Gravity will take care of the rest. Causes one 12 ounce can of beer to be consumed in about 3-5 seconds. The ring shaped "pop top" of the can is likend to the ring of parachutes rip cord. Popular at American Colleges in the late 80's early 90's. Sometimes but less often known as a "pop top" or a "shotgun".
To proceed to alcoholic drinking more quickly begin drinking two beers simultaneously. Drink one normally while performing ripcords with the second. Do this repeatedly until you wake up in rehab.
by slipsheet February 04, 2005
When someone inserts anal beads into the partners rectum, then when the time is right, you pull the anal beads very fast, yell ripcord, and the partner poops themselves.
Dude, I saw Steve-O get ripcorded on Jackass! It was disgusting!
by A_CoW_3121 November 04, 2011
The string that hangs from a woman's private parts when she is using a tampon.
When I went down on her, I discovered that she had a ripcord. Thus, I was forced to give her a shark bite.
by ESQ July 11, 2006
During a reach-around, the same person giving the reach-around is also licking ass, and when the receiver of the handjob has an orgasm, they simultaneously projectile feces on the person giving the reach-around and licking the asshole.
Dood what happened last night, what was that about wanting to go parachuting? No man, I had to hose her off because she totally ripcorded me!
by Master of the Ripcord August 02, 2010
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