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Rip a stitch
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'Rip a stitch'

Similar in meaning to the old theater adage 'break a leg' used to wish someone goodluck before they take the stage The phrase 'break a leg, rip a stitch' was originally coined by the actor /painter/writer Hank Cheyne Garcia. He had originally said "dont rip a stitch" to a friend who had had oral surgery a few hours before going to perform onstage in a play. That night his friend ripped a stitch on stage and bled during the play. The following night hank coined the opposite , 'rip a stitch,' so as not to jinx his friend with the same intent as the colloquialism 'break a leg,' basically saying the opposite with the intention of boding him good luck on stage. He later combined the two phrases together 'break a leg, rip a stitch' and thus a new theater term was born. This phrase is now being used in the Los Angeles theater community.
rip a stitch tonite
by yojai May 26, 2010
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