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A "rinky" is another word for a Marlboro Red, using the terminology of "tink." Similar to "rinky" is the inimitable "twenty sinky," or 27.
Yo I'm fiending cigs, tryna smoke a rinky?
by The Tinkmeister February 06, 2013
The crease between a mans large penis and voluptuous balls and the inside of his thigh.
When I am done having sex my rinkies are sweatier than my ball sac.
by Kylem123 August 24, 2007
A way of saying kinky

It just means rinky
Person 1: grab my banana

Person 2:RINKY
by A guy who needs to tell November 05, 2013
Rinkled or rinkley ... often used by stereotypical homos
i love this shirt its so presh, but now its rinky.
by infiniteohms May 21, 2004