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When a male/female is stroking a males private parts with rings on their fingers. The poor man ends up getting a bloody cock.
"That porchmonkey gave me a ringjob on her stoop."
"Billy got a ringjob from his father, Mr. T."

Brandon:" OH MY GOD STOP!!!!!!!! STOP!!!!"
Heather:" What's wrong Brandon?"
Brandon:" Why the fuck do you have rings on, when your giving me a handjob?"
Heather: "Hahahaha your silly im not giving you a handjob, im giving you a ringjob."
Brandon: "Oh ok, keep going."
by Fart Poop December 13, 2006
63 9
The act of placing gummy peach rings on your dick and getting a toothless doneky wearing a top hat to suck you off.
Man what a ring job that was.
by rustyskrewdriver September 14, 2010
34 23
simalar to a rim job, the person sticks their tongue inside the asshole representing a ring.
peron 1;Ashlee gave me a ring job last nnight it was amazing!
by Emily ALeon December 28, 2007
43 38
When someone inserts a finger wearing a ring into the anus or vagina and removes finger without the ring
Leigh was sore from her ring job but pleased with the outcome
by Archadelphia June 10, 2011
8 15
When you put funnyons or onion rings around your dick and a girl(usually a fat one)gives you a blowjob and eats them off in the process.
Dude, my fat bitch ring jobbed me last night.
by Dick Peter Johnson February 07, 2009
29 39