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When a male/female is stroking a males private parts with rings on their fingers. The poor man ends up getting a bloody cock.
"That porchmonkey gave me a ringjob on her stoop."
"Billy got a ringjob from his father, Mr. T."

Brandon:" OH MY GOD STOP!!!!!!!! STOP!!!!"
Heather:" What's wrong Brandon?"
Brandon:" Why the fuck do you have rings on, when your giving me a handjob?"
Heather: "Hahahaha your silly im not giving you a handjob, im giving you a ringjob."
Brandon: "Oh ok, keep going."
by Fart Poop December 13, 2006
The act of placing gummy peach rings on your dick and getting a toothless doneky wearing a top hat to suck you off.
Man what a ring job that was.
by rustyskrewdriver September 14, 2010
simalar to a rim job, the person sticks their tongue inside the asshole representing a ring.
peron 1;Ashlee gave me a ring job last nnight it was amazing!
by Emily ALeon December 28, 2007
When someone inserts a finger wearing a ring into the anus or vagina and removes finger without the ring
Leigh was sore from her ring job but pleased with the outcome
by Archadelphia June 10, 2011
When you put funnyons or onion rings around your dick and a girl(usually a fat one)gives you a blowjob and eats them off in the process.
Dude, my fat bitch ring jobbed me last night.
by Dick Peter Johnson February 07, 2009
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