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To climax a woman, make her come; give a woman pleasure.
"You can ring my be-e-ell.......ring my bell,(ring my bell, ding dong ding, ahhhh!)"

from "Ring My Bell" by Anita Ward, 1979 (world-wide #1 hit).
by babybabe February 11, 2008
232 82
1. Enrique Iglesias song
2. Sexual Innuendo for something only Enrique could dream of
"Wow, I really love when you ring my bells, said Enrique with a sly smile."
by SexKittenGiraffeStallion August 13, 2011
9 10
giving oral sex to a male person.
other definition for blowjob.
hey girl! get on your knees and ring my bell!
by Chris February 15, 2005
66 161