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Ring King" for the NES started out as just an average boxing game. You begin by training for fighter in power, speed, and stamina. After that it's into the ring you go for your first round of good ol' button-mashing fisticuffs. And that's when it all starts to go downhill.

Whenever you get too close to your opponent, you start to hug up on each other real close and do a little dance. I like to think of this as their way of turning each other on before the real action begins. A little foreplay if you will. Well boys, it was a really well-fought (and well-danced) round, now what say you two head on over to your corners for
thought boxing was all about "the eye of the tiger" not the "one-eyed monster", but apparently I was wrong. In between rounds, both boxers are treated to a lil' wobble-gobble. I mean, there's really no other reason for those assistants to be down there, moving like that. Normally, the assistants will hold a bucket for the boxers to spit in or replace their mouthpieces or what have you. But no, these fellows have become the mouthpieces. I have a hard time believing that this was unintentionally sexual... it's downright blatant if you ask me. The censors must have been drinking pretty fucking heavily the day they let this one slip by. But I'm no ringside announcer by any means, so let's see what they make of the situation. - taken from

this game is known for the infamous inbetween match antics
o my god what the hell are those trainers doing
by Dong Woo February 02, 2005
To receive a felatio, head, oral sex. This term derived from the in between round antics of the NES game Ring King.
Becky gave me some A+ ring king last night.
by DC1128 July 11, 2006
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