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1) To shit a someone's mouth while receiving a rim job.

2) To have a ball rotate around a hole as if it was going to go in, but then suddenly it "jumps out".
"You better get outta there or I'm gonna rim out."

"Dude Sally was giving me a rim job last night and I rimmed out all over her face!"

"I almost sank a 30 foot putt, but then it rimmed out."
by Stevieo68 November 21, 2007
When you're taking a shit after days of constipation, and the density and velocity of the exiting fecal matter tears the anal tissue to the point that a suture must be used to repair the flesh
Oh man, I housed those cheese curds a few days ago - and of course I'd rim-out right before my date. Good thing she's a nurse!
by RooSing August 01, 2016
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