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Iowa City has the largest rim goblin populations; people who enjoy to eat buttholes and have theirs eaten as well.
Did you hear that rim goblin Drew serviced Mikayla's butthole?
Yeah I did, but was that before or after he got his butthold tickled from Kim during a blowjob?
by Blake H. S. January 04, 2008
A male who enjoys giving and receiving rimjobs more than what would be considered socially accepted.
-Did you hear that rim goblin Drew got to Mikayla's butthole?

-Yeah then I heard that his girlfriend Lindsay broke up with him.

-That's Gnarly, I can't believe she didn't break up with after he got his butthole fingered while getting dome from Kim.
by D-Train Holla January 11, 2008
Someone who enjoys licking the butthole and giving rimjobs in general
That Jason Coblentz guy sure is a rim goblin!

Yeah have u smelt his breath? smells like straight asshole!
by jas c October 18, 2010
One who loves to give and recieve rim jobs more often than they should.
Screech, we are you such a rim goblin?
Well Slater, Mr. Belding got me hooked one day when I stayed after class and he got my drunk and took advantage of me.
by AC Slater June 29, 2004
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