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a band that sang the infamous one hit wonder "i'm too sexy." the song lists a number of things the guy is too sexy for, such as his shirt, parties, his hat and a bundle of other cr-azy things ending in an overload of sexiness leading to the desmise of the song.
right said fred is so sexy i'm gonna have a heart attack

i don't feel right said fred is that sexy

that poor cat
by cynical me July 17, 2005
When describing a Lady wearing a low cut top and a good bra.
You see two Bald head like objects in her bra..... like Right Said Fred.
Ozzie: Corr have you seen that girl over there?

Pat: What her and Right Said Fred!?!
by Jacky Mitchell March 13, 2008
Very good cannabis where one "hit" can mess your shit up. Much like the wildly popular song "I'm Too Sexy" caused Right Said Fred to be a "one hit wonder"
"Dude, that shit is bad-ass, it's totally Right Said Fred."
by Big Hitter March 08, 2010
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