Top Definition
1. Back in the ass!
2. Well done!
3. Owned you!
4. Well play!
5. Well said, correct, agreed, true truth, as you say...
1. Abwoat:
"Those shaïtantologists devil's motherfuckers advertise on their craps in, can you believe that Coasty?
"Sure can, they owned you, right in the fuck, stupid con!"

2. Abwoat:
"I saw that girl Chelsee last night at the Private Bitch Party, she said she wanna talk to you seriously on that matter of the money you borrowed and never returned to her 'ma. She seemed to me very upset. Did she showed up here, what happened?"
"Yes she moved up here"
"So what did you do?"
"I fucked her up very seriously"
"Ahhah, right in the fuck! That boobass was swearing words on yu at the party man! Damned bitches! Well done, back in her ass"
by Slangherinthenight May 15, 2008

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