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1.Synonym of boobasss.
2.A provocative and persuasive cleavage.
3.The result of a strong push-up bra.
4.The exposure of a large amount of boobs overflowing out of a low-cut dress can be compared with an ass showing up.
5.A wonderbrafullofboobs
5.A bitch...
6.A fucksy lady...
"Yo, Coasty, what's up man? Who's that topass I saw yu dancin' with last night at the Private Bitch party?
"Chelsee is her name. She is a man, real name's Billy."
"Yu bitch...!"

At the Private Bitch Party Mr & Mrs Governor showed up.
"Say Coasty, check out that wonderbrafullofboobs we've got here, what a topass! Happy Mr Governor..."
"Yo, (that biiitch iiis not hiiis wiiife!)"
"Holiii shiiit let's call CNN...(Oh my God she iiis so fucksy!)"
by Slangherinthenight April 04, 2008
1. Piss off, get the fuck outta here, go away from my window, live at your own chosen speed...
2. go hide your shit face in sum place, don't walk in the light, stay away from my sight
(could be very sweardy ifu add "(...)you cunk !")
3. A shade-in is the undercover asshole best friend sweet lady boobasss bitch neighbour fellow man broda & sista cunk who'll bust yu up right in the fuck! You can trust nobody in dis damned buzness...
1. Abwoat:
"Say Coasty, yu could have washed some dishes, yu cunk modasucker lazy bitch!"
"Uh! common yu, shade in, will you? Get dis shit off of me!"

2. Abwoat:
"In that movie Matt Damon was an undercover agent for the narcs!"
"Di Caprio was one too, fucking shit minds shade-in"
Abwoat laughing his guts off.
"What's so funny about that, yu 'tard?
"Yu've just said"Caprio was one too" One! Too! that's the funny motherfuckin'point, don't look at me like that, asshole!"
by Slangherinthenight May 21, 2008
1. Back in the ass!
2. Well done!
3. Owned you!
4. Well play!
5. Well said, correct, agreed, true truth, as you say...
1. Abwoat:
"Those shaïtantologists devil's motherfuckers advertise on their craps in U-Dick.com, can you believe that Coasty?
"Sure can, they owned you, right in the fuck, stupid con!"

2. Abwoat:
"I saw that girl Chelsee last night at the Private Bitch Party, she said she wanna talk to you seriously on that matter of the money you borrowed and never returned to her 'ma. She seemed to me very upset. Did she showed up here, what happened?"
"Yes she moved up here"
"So what did you do?"
"I fucked her up very seriously"
"Ahhah, right in the fuck! That boobass was swearing words on yu at the party man! Damned bitches! Well done, back in her ass"
by Slangherinthenight May 15, 2008
Prononciation like "what tough"
Straight meanings:

World Trade Footage
World Trade Falsehood
World Trade Fancy
World Trade Fiction
World Trade fabrication
World Trade Fibing

1.An elaborate fabricated story on purpose to dissimulate the truth, to misinform listeners or viewers and to mislead them.

2. A lie, a fiction, a falsification of truth.
3. A topass, a boobass, a show-up girl or woman, a bitch
1. Coastello:
"Say Abee, how'bout Jo Mac Cain million followers on Twister?

"Wtf***, machine collectors 24/24-7/7!"

2. Coastello:
" Ab, guess what? Chelsee wants to commit suicide!?"


3. Abwoat:
"That Chelsee girl... what a Wtf*** she is. No shit, one should train seriously to get to that level of stress without brain failure. She wrote a tweet telling the whole world she saw two alliens with suitcases trying to burglarize her neighbour's house. That she called nine-one-one but not even one showed up."

"Holy Book, she must be a shaïtantologist... did she voted for Hillary Clinton again?Dam bitch!"
by Slangherinthenight August 02, 2009
A sect of evildoers who advertise worldwide on the web...
1. Abwoat:
"Wha' look that avertisement on my page on U-Dick.com! Coasty, they owned us right at U.D, last post I ever do on that shit.com! Devil's fuckers, all you bloody shaïtantologists!"
"Right in the fuck!Bye bye dickies! Hey dude let's call Chelsee, see what she's got for us tonight?"
by Slangherinthenight May 15, 2008
1.In France, policemen on rollerskates(for policewomen you should say: dragqueens or brasiliens)
2. a bitch asshole
3.a bitch...
4.a topass, a boobasss...
"Hear the news, Coasty? In Paris the Olympic Flame was forced to travel by bus protected by policemen on rollerskates! Can you believe that shit dude?"
"Fucking bunch of dragqueers in the French police, free Tibet motherfuckers!!!"
by Slangherinthenight April 07, 2008
1.A flying U.F-111.O over the Free Tibet Chinese territory
2.A Houston Cap Carnaveral hippie freak aeronautical engineer
3.The meaniest motherfucker bombardier flying saucer in the sky ever... dropping bombs and shit on our people
"The shit on me, the President is a true Astro-American, look at him on this photo wearing that Navy blue suit!"
"Sure, that dude can do the job, he can shit our shit everywhere on this planet, right in the fuck!"
by Slangherinthenight May 17, 2008

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