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That's ridiculous on 24's

When something is just so utterly ridiculous and or retarded only this word can come to mind. Such as the Gangsta's with the Caprice on 20-26" rims.
G1: "You see that Cutty with tha 22's on it bruh?"

G2: "$500 dolla cah on $3,000 skates... Mane that's Ridonkculous!"
by 1993_Lx October 20, 2010
like ridiculous except like A MILLION times more epic.
could also be used to describe a very large ass.
"i got so drunk at that party last night... it was ridonkculous."
"bro, did you see Ashley's Mom's ass? it's ridonkculous!"
by thefaceeex March 15, 2009
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