a derivative of the word ridiculous. An action that creates amazement. An event that is unbelievable, often creating a feeling of doubt about it.
did you hear? patrick just did a backflip off a tree!

No way dude, that's ridonculous!!!
by rumple May 16, 2006
Adj. A situation or circumstance that is jack-ass stupid, inane, or frivolous in the extreme.
"Christopher was late because he set his wake-up alarm on his cell phone, but then shut his phone off before he went to bed to save his battery power; it's this type of ridonculous behavior that makes Christopher totally unreliable."

NOTE: This word is an amalgam of "ridiculous" and "donkey" (a.k.a. "jack-ass" in the pejorative sense), and implies that human idiocy or stupidity adds to or magnifies a situation or circumstance's quality of being "ridiculous" on its own.
by Jonathan D. Linscott March 22, 2007
slang term Ridonclulous the cross of the word ridiculous and the slang term donk. stating the the ridiculously big butt one has.
dang man did you see the size of her butt?
yeah it was ridonculous.
by N4 July 11, 2009
When something happens that is past ridiculous and the only word left to describe a situation, something happening, or has happened!
When a female or male is trying to holler at you for the first time and he or she begins to whisper in your ear sweet nothings and there breath is tart like rotten lemons "Just say that is ridonculous!"
by REALIST2307 December 09, 2012
awesome; the best thing ever to happen
That man's truck was ridonculous.
by amkronman December 29, 2009
Ridiculous to the extreme.
The attitude on you is ridonculous. The ridonculousness of the whole situation made me laugh.
by David Jamieson January 21, 2008
When something is so bonkers it's ridiculous!
Man, see her massive boobs, that chick's tits are ridonculous!
by Abzloot February 16, 2010
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