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a southern term for riding on rims so large that one has to raise the body for the rims to fit on the car.
I just got some 28's on my 69 cut' and it's ridin high
by DangerousZANE June 08, 2006
Driving a vehicle while blazin a phat foot long blunt of sum gooooooood sshiit, with the tunez bumpin and the bass banging! Preferably Dre Drums coz he is the best beatmaker i'm sure you'll agree.

Smoke Weed Everyday

The Wash - Ridin High

I'm ridin high, sunroof crack wit da smoke in my eye
yack in my cup and i'm feelin alrite
feel like i can flllyyyyyy
by D to tha G March 25, 2007
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