Top Definition
A large amount of ridiculousness.
That is an incredible amount of ridiculousity!
by WhyTheSox June 27, 2006
The general measure of how ridiculous a given object, situation, or circumstance is.
Being attacked by monkeys on your way to class, tops out the ridiculousity scale.
by ME_Brendan April 28, 2008
a state of tangent hilarity, resulting in the absolute deterioration of all subject matter and the inevitable "rolling of the eyes" from all female group members.
This email from Chad about his pit stains is absolute ridiculousity.
by 121 LG August 06, 2009
the study of all things ridiculous, ludicrous and hilarious.
Comedy is closely related to ridiculousity.

Like many strange, though amusing phenomena, "Twilight" can be understood through ridiculousity.

Like ridiculousity, a crime against humanities can be better understood by making fun of it.
by paredator January 14, 2009
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