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An insult - rhyder: pronounced ridder - used in the schools of Malvern, UK to mean a person of low intelligence or achievement. Derives from the Rhyd School a notorious school for mentally handicapped children where a number of sexual assaults were catalogued and prosecuted in the latter part of the 20th century
You fucking spazzy glisten chinned ridder.
by steven chambers December 14, 2007
A school in Malvern, Worcestershire, United Kingdom, called 'The Rhydd' Pronounced Rid.
This was a school for kids with mental problems, disabilities, violent behaviour or generally just too

stupid to go to main stream schools. Usually expelled from every other school in the area.

Nowadays they would be Labeled with ADHD, Aspergers or something that didn't exist back then.
Nothing a good beating wouldn't knock out of them.
Most people that attended this school are now Heroin Addicts, Dole dossers and/or spend their lives in and out of Prison.
Otis, "Is Helmann's Province the place where they grow the mayonnaise?"
Belle, "You really are a stupid fucking, dribbling, Ridder"
by JayceUK July 10, 2013
An extreem cheapskate. A Ridder will try to get as money out of someone without paying the person in question back. Ever.
You better start paying me back, don't be such a Ridder.
by Tharealslamshidy November 25, 2015
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