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A vigorous blowjob with teeth
I went to Will's house and got a killer rickjob, and now i have scars all over my penis.
#blowjob #dick #penis #blumpkin #handjob
by MalakaChi November 08, 2007
A vigorous and aggressive blowjob with excessive use of teeth, generally performed on a choad.
I went to the frat party and got a killer rickjob, but now I have scars all over my penis.
#blowjob #rick job #blumkin #blumpkin #handjob #hand job
by Malaka Chi November 29, 2007
The art of getting head in the back of a Rickshaw while it is in motion. The only way to top the basic rickjob is to put your feet on the shoulders of the rickshaw driver while in motion.
I did it up big last night- got a rickjob. thats real speak, b. She cried afterwards, it was so beautiful.
#rickshaw #head #dome #dirty sex in public #willy t
by Lenny Stetson August 27, 2008
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