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Part of the term "Deez Nuts" firt popularized by the Album the Chronic in which snoop calls up a bitch and hes all
"Hey whatchu gon do today"
"Nothin gonna get my hair done get my clotes from the cleaners"
"Oh did whats his name get at you yesterday"
"Deeez Nuuuts"
Ima call this bitch up, see if she can lick on deez tonight.
by internuggler February 20, 2004
A sorry son of a bitch who is constantly trying to get bitches to like him but never succeeds.
I just saw this guy walk a chick to class and try to kiss her goodbye but she turned her head so he kissed her ear. What a chodelinger
by internuggler February 20, 2004
I'm Rick James Bitch!
What did the five fingers say to the face?
by internuggler February 20, 2004

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