Top Definition
replacement for dickhead.
That guy was a Richard Cranium.
by gomer September 10, 2004
dick head
Mike is being such a fucking Richard Cranium
by Cardozasgirl4ever February 13, 2010
richard is a name that when shortened is dick and cranium is brain so when put together it's dickbrain/dickhead.
My friend acted like a Richard Cranium last night.
by LOLLIE ROFL POP July 21, 2009
A dick head. Richard=Dick, Cranium=Head. Therefore, Richard Cranium
(Guy gets wine spilled on him from Richard Cranium) "Dude, you're such a fuckin Richard Cranium!"
dick head dickhead richard ass hole prick sherlock dumb
by Jay-T27 May 30, 2012
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