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The high speed, high temperature, low viscosity diarhea that hits hard, fast, and often without warning. May be brought on by eating too much spicy, greasy, food. Often occurs at inopportune moments such as funerals, long road trips, and when stuck on busses.
Oh my! I had five of those fried burritos yesterday afternoon and it totally gave me the rich trotts!
#squart #shart #hershey squirts #marykate #firepoo
by skellyskellerton July 10, 2008
What happens in the morning after eating a pound of whipped cream or halloween candy served by a skeleton. Often comes in spurts, spats, and squarts. Turds of low viscosity that often stick to the bottom of the toilet seat.
Jesus, after eating all of that halloween candy we got from that lady dressed up as a skeleton, I had the rich trotts this morning! My asshole hurts!
#squart #shart #turd #crap #mango
by localkine June 09, 2008
The moment you're on the toilet and pass a phantom turd, and just as you go to wipe your ass you shit like crazy all over your hand. A surprise diarrhea wonderland, usually caused if you haven't eaten in weeks and suddenly decide to eat something small, then BLAM...Rich Trotts.
That is the last time I ever eat again, that peanut gave me the rich trotts last night! My hands ain't gonna smell right for days!
#rich trotts #diarrhea #marykate #poopytime #the caca chacha
by Dr. Brownxxx July 26, 2008
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