An economy car that has been "pimped out". These cars are usually Japanese like Honda. However, some can be from other countries (Ford Focus, Pugeot, Volkswagens). Some of these cars are not tottally lame, those earn the distinction of being import tuners. Unlike tuners, ricers focus on looks oposed to prefromance. Many of them have oversized, useless spoilers and muffler tips. Garish color schemes and decals often adorn these cars. Many times, ricers will have manufacturer decals and badges that son't represent the real eqquiptment.
Dude, that lame ass Honda ricer sucks. He's got a NOS badge on it, but I bet the second he uses NOS, if he even has it, that wimpy little 4 cylinder will melt.
by northendwhitetrash May 20, 2007
Anyone who installs parts on their car that is not performance orriented and thinks their car is nicer than it is.
1. unreasonably large spoiler on a front-wheel drive car
2. bodykits
3. Rims that are heavier than ones originally on the car
4. stickers or graphics done to the car when either the parts are not installed or cannot have them to begin with
ex: Mugen sticker on a Dodge Neon
5. exhaust that is louder than the engine itself.
6. No engine work done to the car
by non ricer December 23, 2004
1: N A poorly upgraded car with a tacky exterior (fart cannons), 2' wing, unpainted/poorly designed groud effects, seizure-inducing strobe lights and LEDs).
2. N: Any person who talks up their car without having anything to back it up. Although there are a FEW domstic-driving ricers, the term usually implies a person (of any race) who drives a 4 or 6 cylinder car and tries to make everyone think it is fast.
3. See also MORON
I was f*cking with that ricer sitting at the halfway point on my gas-pedal and staying by him, and when I actually stepped on it he called me a cheater and said I juiced him. LOL what a fucktard!
by frieze August 12, 2003
Modifying a car that is not normally considered a sports car. Civic, sable, focus....etc.

Quickly identified by multiple stickers (Looks like a NOPI catalog), wings that are at risk of catching power lines, Monstor tach for a stock vehicle, loud exhaust installed on automatic.

Also see - Ricer fly by
That is not a sports car, damn ricers!
by James October 20, 2003
form 1. noun - a person who takes a car (regardless of make) puts more money in rims/body kit/tint/ etc. than he does on performance parts. usually attempts to avoid the tag "ricer" by adding a cold air intake, and hood scoop. will idiotically challenge any car(including police cars) to drag race because they think their "ride" is fast.

form 2. noun - a car that barely manages to do the quarter mile in under 20 seconds, hits 0-60 in 9 seconds because it weights 1000 pounds, yet looks like an f16. DO NOT mistake this car for an f16...because f16s can go over 90 mph without breaking down on the highway
"all the little boys and girls looked in amazement as bobby's "tricked out" 1992 honda civic pulled up next to a stock 2006 honda civic. Bobby challenged the old lady behind the wheel to a drag race by revving his engine twice. she quickly accepted, and as the green light came on, they were off. With a loud "boom" bobby's ricerocket backfired blew a cloud of blue and lost him the drag race, and more importantly earned him the tag 'ricer' "
by elv September 03, 2006
1) A ricer is ANY car that looks like it can fly because of its ridiculously huge, 6 foot long spoiler. A ricer is also ANY car that is modded out very excessively, which almost always results in, making the car look like a piece of crap. A ricer may look "cool" or "fast" but in reality, a ricer will go from 0 to 60 in 12 seconds, emphasizing the driver's ego, which also is equal to his car's spoiler in size, of thinking that his car is "fast". A ricer occasionally may have air intakes in order to cool the engine down, just in case the car reaches the speed of 35 mph.
A honda civic with a huge spoiler that causes the back of the car to sink about 3 inches, and a muffler tip that is so huge that you can fist fuck it if you wanted to. Also it may have many stickers of famous car modification companies, such as BBS or Sparco, which in reality the car itself has no products that were produced by these companies, and in fact has some bootleg cheap plastic parts from chinatown that cost $34.50 in total. These cars can be considered to be ricers, and any person that sees these ricers should scream "RICER!" as they drive by.
NOTE: Ricers cannot be determined by looks, for some cars that look like ricers actually have the performance to back up its physical appearance. And these cars are not considered to be ricers.
by uranmfer329 March 05, 2005
Deemed Noisy Morons With Noisy Cars Society by the Association of People Who Don’t Care What Letters in Acronyms Stand For
by Jesus September 17, 2003
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