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Some boss ass weed. Taken from the "santa clause is commin to the getto" song by Snoop Dogg.
"On the first day of Christmas, my homeboy gave to me, a sack of that crazy glue and told me to smoke it up slowly."
by Ryan Shore March 11, 2008
Justin and tom wanted to Fuck each other so they tried to use vaseline instead they used crazy glue and got stuck toger! They went to the doctor and he unstuck them, then the Dr. said This is how it's done Bay -acthes!
And he used crazy glue too, it was very kinky!
Tom: Help us get unstuck!
Doctor: Fine! but then lemmme show ya how it's done!
SOME LADY: OOOH how kinky!
by tomtomtom the poser August 13, 2005
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