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poor attempt to make an import "fast", when indeed the upgrades done to the car dont really improve performance at all. mostly late 80's to mid 90's hondas, toyotas, etc. they consist of huge unessesary spoilers, huge fart can exhaust pipes that make their 4 cylinders sound even shittier, bodykits that havent been painted and are held on by bolts or whatever the ricer could hold it up with. lets not forget the most important ricer upgrade, the clear tailights and HID headlights.
"I smoked a ricer in my 96 Impala SS with minimal traction on a wet road"
"Look at that stupid ricer.lets race it."
"i just beat a turbocharged ricer Mazda protege in my Impala"
by eddd123 December 29, 2007
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