Was a derogatory term once used to compare these so-called Muscle cars to Japanese imports with no more then 6 cyclinders.

Now a term used to describe cars that are modified to look fast, but arn't...
Billy Bob - 'Hey Cletus...what you think this imported shitbox on wheels is running on...what with no more then 6 cyclinders?'

Cletus - 'Probabli on rice...knowing thoes yellow bastards'
by Anjelic_Omen December 02, 2004
Any Asian import car that has been modified for show or performance (or presumed performance). Although some like the Mazda RX-7, Toyota Supra, and Acura NSX are very capable cars that are superior to most of the shit coming out of Detroit since the 80s, most are economy cars that are poorly modified with cheap shit from Pep Boys.
Whoa! Look at that awesome Honda Civic with a 4-inch tailpipe, huge wing, and euro lights. I bet it owns at the track. Wait... you mean it's not National Sarcasm Day!?! Well forget that then.
by john crunkalopolis July 26, 2004
a teen, or young adult who often add these modifications to a front wheel drive Japanese car, often a Honda: a loud coffee can muffler, which makes you temporarily deaf, fake chrome rims from wal-mart/auto zone, a ridiculous body kit, not painted, add a 35 degree spoiler, and install a sound system blaring rap that sounds like a swarm of bee's..
You are in a Z28 just cruising around when you become deaf by a ricer... when he stages up to you, you can see his cockiness and his stupid honda (most of the time.) You show him what true american muscle is, and he miss shifts and blows his engine... its going to a better life anyways

by Drag Dragon1 March 09, 2008
Usually a young man with a car from Japan who uses cosmetic modifications rarther than using engine based mods. This is essentially the safer way to go for young boys on the cruise scene who cannot afford high performance mods for their engine due to insurance purposes.

Ricers usualy have:

Large Alloys
Lowering kits
Lighting kits
Audio enhancements

Although most people regard ricers as idiots, this is not the case. There are some who spoil it out there for us. Ricers can also be known as cruisers. Cruisers do not race and usually show off their cars in car parks with others that have the same interest.

Usually Hondas are used for the extensive amount of styling available. Engine mods can be put on later on as Honda's are one of the most tunable engines in the world. And to say that Honda's are no good, then tell that to the Halfords GT team that race using Integras and currently hold the championship.

Be owned.
Ricer/Cruiser: Someone who uses only cosmetic mods.

Predjudice: An act of Prejudice is, as the name implies, the process of "pre-judging" something. It implies coming to a judgment on a subject before learning where the preponderance of evidence actually lies, or forming a judgment without direct experience.

Just because you can't afford to do up your car, don't mock others because they can. In the end, it seems like jealousy.
by JmanCivicCoupe October 18, 2006
A compact car, usually of Japanese make, that is often fitted with stupid looking accessories like rear wings, stickers of racing parts that you can bet are not even to be found on the car, body kits that scrape the ground, clear tail lights, and a noisy ass exsaust that sounds really annoying. Often painted in polarizing colors or patchy-looking primer. These cars are strictly for youngsters.
Ricers are, for the most part, far more show than go.
Guy 1: Look at that ricer

Guy 2: What, the Honda with the body kit and ginormous wing and blaring exsaust?

Guy 1: Yep
by Pig Child March 06, 2008
RICE stands for Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancement, which basically means buying parts that have no true function for a car to make it look as if it is fast with no engine or performance modifications to back it up. Most often, these cars are made by Honda and driven my people (called ricers) who do not actually know much about the innerworkings of their vehicle. These cars are made to look like cars used for racing and/or drifting such as a Toyota Supra or a Nissan 240SX.

antonym: Tuner
Tuner: "Silly ricer, useless wings are for penguins."
Ricer: "What?"
Tuner: "Dude, my lug nuts take more torque than your engine makes!"
by PhuckHonda June 01, 2010
a car that is customized to the point of extreme overkill.

some rice upgrades:
Fart Pipe Exhaust
clear lights; NOT on a Toyota Altezza
weird graphics
enough sponsor decals to stone an elephant from the glue
roof scoop (on a front-engined car)
ground effects body kit that is still the same color as the car it was previously on
false custom from grill; badge pried off with a flathead screwdriver
Le-Mans caliber spoiler, just looks crappy without *good* body kit
neon lights (different colors on each side, under the front and back)

black hood/trunk (not a real carbon-fiber hood, just interior painted)
rims that are too large or painted a completely random color
low suspension caused by cutting of the shocks (bad idea with convertibles, because hitting a speed bump can shoot you over the Empire State Building)
spinner rims (on anything but an Escalade? COME ON)

people often think that some cars are immune from ricehood. not true. here are some examples of good cars, and what could make them rice.

Nissan Skyline GT-R R34
white car, red muscle car stripes, blue rims, double roof scoop
Toyota Supra Mk-4
purple car, skull on side, black hood
'96 Impala SS
"Donk" style (fugly)
it is possible to have a custom import, even a Civic, without it being a ricer
by TigPuff June 23, 2009

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