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she is amaziningly buff! n has da most amazin ass!
a well gd m8 2!
check out dat girl, its ricci!
by fred March 10, 2005
A girl, most likely a ratchet, who has a boyfriend every month. She is only friends with popular people and will likely ignore you if you aren't popular. She has normal sized breasts but uses a push up bra to enlarge them. Has an amazing ass but not a tight pussy. Don't be fooled, she is the worst at hand jobs, blow jobs, and sex in general. Most likely had her first kiss in 5th grade and wears a lot of makeup.
Dude, last night my girlfriend was giving me a blowjob. It was obviously the work of a ricci. And her boobs aren't as large as they seem....
#ratchet #ricci #small breasts #blowjob #hand job #hoe
by Laugh_okay_fine_don't August 11, 2014
Often a bald giraffe has a fondness for ketamine.
Did you see that ricci at the zoo? It was off it's face couldn't even reach the leaves!
#ricci #giraffe #ketamine #bald #drugs
by Team Parker August 24, 2010
a girl with a fat ass
Yo that girl got a ricci, i just wanna smack it and see which way it jiggles!
#fat #ass #jiggle #butt #girl
by rhyno0 May 12, 2011
A ranchy transvestite who enjoys placing rasins in her anus
Dude, did you see that Ricci, she smells schtanky
by john smith December 30, 2004
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