A very cute and charming male who is probably the most optimistic person you'll ever meet. He can be a realist which is a very good thing to have a friend as. He could be a very very good best friend, or a very great boyfriend.
Whenever I'm near Ricardo, I get very happy and feel good inside.
by swag master daddy November 02, 2013
the coolest mexican ever and someone you can count on. super fun to hang out with. may act like a pussy, but eventually gives in and has a great time.
That dude is freaking awesome, is it Ricardo?
by piss_excellence May 31, 2009
Ricardo is that guy that has a lot of support from everyone you know. He currently has a girlfriend named Vanessa, which they look amazing together. Be happy for him, because yes all of us girls have had crushes on him, but I believe hes found his soulmate :)
RICARDO - A very tall Mexican that has MAJORLY changed from when he was 13. He is every girls fantasy in the Sacramento area, but he's taken, and he is happy. So don't be jealous of his Indian model girlfriend
by ChrisTrousdaleisHot April 10, 2015
A Mexican man with very large erect ears.
That man looks like a Ricardo.
by jimmy w. December 08, 2011

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