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Riaz: A term used to refer to skilled skateboarders with tight jeans and cute faces.
Riazs can be found on any kind of concrete, skateboarding.
Betty: "Did you see that guy going down the street?"
Sally: "Nope."
Betty: "He was a total riaz."
Sally: "Ooooooh."
by godyourfaceisgreasy May 12, 2007
a legendary professor, usually with massive glasses and a sqeaky voice
person 1: That some legendary endocrinology professor we got there! So siiick!
person 2: Yeah, he's a riaz

A riaz: ...21 hydroxylase deficiency.
by notsoslick March 08, 2010
A Peacock (A word used for batty people: Refer 2 the word batty for more details)
(somebody or something) is a Peacock
by Muvafukin - G February 26, 2005
In the gay community, short for "Reamed his Ass."
Gay dude 1: Yo, did you give Venom an ass pounding?
Gay dude 2: Yea, I totally Riaz'd that shit.
by Starkles April 18, 2009
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