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pronounced "ride"

To get leftover food from supermarkets or stores, which would usually end up in the dumpster, and deliver them to the food banks or homeless people directly. We are all one.
Hey! lets do a good deed before we die and REYED the left over food to the starving people!
by DivineMomentsOfTruth February 09, 2012
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To "get reyed" describes the situation when a girl and a boy both claim to like each other, but when the boy tries to start a legitimate relationship with the girl, the girl backs out, citing an excuse that is clearly fallacious in nature to others. Eventually, the girl loses interest in the boy, but does not want to hurt his feelings immediately so she avoids confrontation and cites their not starting a legitimate relationship for some other reason. Later, the girl will fall for some other boy and start a relationship with that boy behind the boy's back, thus effectively "reying him".
Rey: Dude, I can't believe she lied to me and told me she didn't want a relationship because she wasn't ready for one. She should have just told me the truth and told me she didn't like me anymore. Instead, she tells me she doesn't want a relationship then goes behind my back and gets a boyfriend.

Rey's friend: Dude, you totally got reyed.
by zomgwtfbbqlazers July 10, 2008

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