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1. an act of racism by a minority, towards a majority.
2. an act of racism on a race which was previously suppressed by that race, or was a target of racism by the race in the past.
Blacks hating whites for suppressing them in the past is reverse racism.
by Shulelee March 16, 2006
White college kids like to talk about reverse racism because they miss their sense of entitlement and are probably racists.
by joeyhoho July 04, 2013
Reverse racism is restricting opportunities of a race because they are the majority, giving minorities an advantage solely based on their race.
Marnie (caucasion) will have a tougher time getting into college than Tyrone (native american) because of reverse racism.
by Lukehen March 18, 2008
A term created by white racists in an attempt to describe what they feel is racism against them as a majority blaming reverse racism for their failures. Mostly these claims often appear to be an attempt to deflect attention away from horrific racism of the past in the United States. Those claiming Reverse Racism are often young white males who've been affected by the recent attempts to right the wrongs of the past. Many times they themselves are secretly racist and often harbor racist ideals but look for opportunities to include minorities in the negatives while simultaneously resisting opportunities to include minorities in positive things. Reverse racism is often a way to show their insensitivity toward racial issues experienced by minorities that do not affect them directly.
A white guy cant get in college of his choice and claims reverse racism. Fact: only about 30% of student bodies in the U.S. are made up of minorities yet these individuals claim they cannot go to college due to reverse racism.
by juoedcd June 06, 2011
When members of a race that is historically targeted, randomly accuse individuals of another race, of being racist, with no provocation, like a weapon.

reverse racism
A-"Please don't do that."
B-"Are you racist? Is this because of the color of my skin? Can't a blackman...."
by colorless October 09, 2008
when a majority realize for racial equality to really happen they have to sacrifice a little instead of having it magically happen.
white person: dude why is there so much financial aid for minorities and so little for white people. this is reverse racism
other person: well cause minorities are at a disadvantage. a lot of them dont come from rich homes because their ancestors had a very low standing in america. their children are at a disadvantage at schools. without aid, very few minorities would reach for the stars and rather stay in the mud.
by will the real kkk please stand April 03, 2013
reverse racism is the pot calling the kettle black essentially. it's fighting racism with racism, hence REVERSE racism. it's not a 'fancy new term' describing a person. you can say something that's reverse racist, and you can display reverse racism, but you yourself cannot be reverse racist. you'd just be racist.
Malcolm X saw oppression from Caucasians against minorities due to racist ideologies. In turn, he decided to say fuck all Caucasians and became racist himself(until a few years before his death) Hence, he was reversing the racism on himself and starting to do the same thing Caucasians were doing to minorities. This is how reverse racism may be defined - An act or ideology, not a person.
by Pxurple Haze July 15, 2008
reverse racism is when one feels they are being discriminated racially because they are white anglo saxon.

usually indicates they are unhappy with coloured people getting promotions or moving up the corporate ladder.
Linda - i didnt get the promotion because of reverse racism. There is more Aborigines at my work then Pommys or whiteys.

Troy - i wasnt allowed a benefit cause the wanted to favour the local African community. Its reverse racism!
by italauss January 26, 2014